2017 Vector Correctors

Vector Corrector 2017-1

A New Year and a new commitment to excel in influencing the people at home and in our a marketplace. Three areas to sharpen: serving others, integrity and Love. All three, done with excellence, can be a hallmark in 2017.


Vector Corrector 2017-2

Sound leaders keep the mission in focus, knowing that their people may have different perceptions of what is the main thing. Unity of the team is essential for success.


Vector Corrector 2017-3

Expect more of yourself than of others. Look for the positive and what is good in people and situations. This attitude will be contagious.


Vector Corrector 2017-4

Don’t let fear hold you back. There is hope after failure. Just review the life of Abe Lincoln.

Vector Corrector 2017-5

At work or in the office, communication is a challenge. The biggest problem is we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply. We need to be sure we understand and then respond to complete the process.


Vector Corrector 2017-6

Visionary leaders are hard to find when things get tough. Often they lack the courage to press on. Former NFL quarterback, Jeff Kemp, in his book “Facing the Blitz” speaks to the opportunity in crisis: let the old dream die and embrace a bigger vision. The latter seems the most important.


Vector Corrector 2017-7

The most important asset in any company or team are people …. having them on the right bus. An old saying relating to hiring: Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat. Never lower your standards just to fill a position.


Vector Corrector 2017-8

Delegation is a hallmark of successful leaders. The leader delegates authority so the team member has the tools to complete the job. To be sure, that responsibility is part of the process. Yes, the buck stops at your desk and the person who is empowered knows you trust them.

Vector Corrector 2017-9

Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Principles and character should guide our life.


Vector Corrector 2017-10

Leadership comes in many forms. Figure out how your quietness strengthens your leadership style. We are not all bravado cheerleaders.


Vector Corrector 2017-11

Present your ideas, then ask your team what they think. Is there a better way? Don’t tell everyone what to do — lead by questioning.


Vector Corrector 2017-12

Do not expect people to be the best they are. Expect them to be the best they can be. Excellence in all you do is a useful goal.

Vector Corrector 2017-13

If you as a leader want to have an impact on your team—VALUE YOUR PEOPLE. Respect, sensitivity, caring, training, empowering and love are some keys to impact people. Leadership is ALL about people.


Vector Corrector 2017-14

A hallmark of strong leaders is focusing on the positive contribution of each person — their value added to the organization. Too often the negative creeps in, the effect is demoralizing and it’s hard to unring the bell.


Vector Corrector 2017-15

Is your door closed? Does an employee or a member of the leadership team need an appointment? Are there barriers between you, as the leader, or is the door open and you are approachable. Access is recommended.


Vector Corrector 2017-16

Bucket lists seem to get the attention of many these days for seniors and others who are pushing retirement age. Here are four ways to fill a bucket:

  1. Have a goal of what pleases you and those close to you.
  2. If you have been a servant leader—keep serving.
  3. What is your passion? Focus on areas that keep the passion burning.
  4. Stay involved with friends and family. They are a part of your legacy.



Vector Corrector 2017-17

Entitlement seems to be a key buzzword for young folks entering the workforce today. As a leader, it is important to set the standard of work, integrity and excellence. Some call this the standard of conduct and expectation for your venue.


Vector Corrector 2017-18

Innovation is not a requirement for success but having a vision for what could be with a strategic view might be better. Many leaders think tactically and operate in the here and now. It is our choice.


Vector Corrector 2017-19

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England said, “Power is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Show your expertise instead. There is wisdom in those words.


Vector Corrector 2017-20

The following words when used to describe you can be awesome, but you should never use them yourself…. words like driven, motivated, responsible, humble, results-oriented or servant leader. Let you words and actions speak for themselves.

Vector Corrector 2017-21

Strategists look at the present, envision something new and develop approaches to make their vision a reality. Think outside of the box.


Vector Corrector 2017-22

Wisdom from a former President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Is that the path we are on?


Vector Corrector 2017-23

Success or significance? That is a good question. As leaders we should encourage everyone in the organization to be successful. But your significance is ensuring your people are all-stars in their success. Then you will be the coach of an ALL-STAR team.


Vector Corrector 2017-24

Don’t think about what you can get from an employee but what you can give them to help them be successful. Remember, it is not about you but those you serve.

Vector Corrector 2017-25

LISTENING is the hallmark of a strong leader. As a friend said, “Listen with your face.” That is all it takes to show another person that he or she is important. Listening shows you really care.


Vector Corrector 2017-26

When interacting with others, don’t be distracted by your cellphone, TV monitor or anything else. Give the gift of your full attention and prove the person really matters.


Vector Corrector 2017-27

 Successful leaders are not afraid to admit they have failings. No one is perfect. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength not weakness and doing so helps your credibility.


Vector Corrector 2017-28

Great leaders have the ability to adapt. I call it maintaining “rigid flexibility”. Circumstances change. But being bullheaded may cost you the opportunity to excel.

Vector Corrector 2017-29

Wisdom from my coaching days: “All efforts are team efforts. You clearly learn that in athletic efforts. Very little of great significance happens individually. There’s a team behind the person out front…no matter how the individual may appear.


Vector Corrector 2017-30

Is your glass half full or half empty? A reasonable question when thinking of VISION. Confident leaders are visionaries. They bring inspired influence to the team, making sure to not out kick the coverage but, with sound planning, balance vision with budget and have the courage to move forward.


Vector Corrector 2017-31

Creating a code of conduct for your employees/players helps you proactively set the standard of behavior of the team/organization.


Vector Corrector 2017-32

Leaders need to recognize that social media is a reality. You don’t want employees personal profiles to bleed into their work.

Vector Corrector 2017-33

Thinking less of ourselves and more of those we lead is a sign of true humility and a desired characteristic of good leaders. Remember, it is not about you but those you influence as a servant leader.

Vector Corrector 2017-34

Social media is a reality current leadership needs to recognize. It can be a great asset but don’t let personal chat creep into work-related communication.


Vector Corrector 2017-35

Training others to reach gifted excellence is a great way to become a more effective mentor to your peers. This will increase your credibility.


Vector Corrector 2017-36

An acid test of leadership is how you treat those you outrank. As former President Harry S. Truman said, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

Vector Corrector 2017-37

As a leader you cannot be in a meaningful conversation with your cell phone in your hand, gazing at or waiting for the next call or text. Give your full attention to the person you are communicating with — eye contact is very important.


Vector Corrector 2017-38

Decisiveness is a recognized characteristic of a strong leader.  Have the confidence in getting the facts and inputs to make the decision. Don’t wait to get`100% information or you probably won’t make the decision and you will lose the confidence of your team.


Vector Corrector 2017-39

As the team leader, think of position as the ability to empower others rather than having power over them. Delegating or empowering can be a force multiplier in accomplishing the mission.


Vector Corrector 2017-40

Confident, strong leaders are not afraid to say I was wrong and to apologize. No one is perfect. You will gain credibility by being vulnerable.

Vector Corrector 2017-41

Leading has taught me that one cannot change the game if you don’t critique the work. This impacts every venue.


Vector Corrector 2017-42

What is a visionary?  Are you willing to move on or just maintain? A visionary leader motivates by having a vision for what could be and energizing the team to new goals.


Vector Corrector 2017-43

David King, president of LabCorp, said, “If you don’t make mistakes and you don’t have failures, you’re not trying anything hard. Anybody can have 100% success at doing things that are easy.


Vector Corrector 2017-44

Emmy Award winning Producer of the Olympics, David Neal, said, “What does the future hold? The future is portable. The future is digital. The future is on demand.” Are you, as a leader, ready to meet the demand?

Vector Corrector 2017-45

Complacency is a real leadership career killer. If you are always too busy to learn new things or expand your network you may have your priorities mixed up. Continuous growth and development sure beats complacency.


Vector Corrector 2017-46

Change is inevitable! Surveys show that leaders learn that most employees who are successful can adapt to change in the marketplace and be more effective.


Vector Corrector 2017-47

Creating an inclusive environment means everyone on your team feels they belong. Then you will have created a culture where they enjoy their workplace.


Vector Corrector 2017-48

Reflecting on the past is healthy, but dwelling on it keeps you stuck in the past. Stay positive with a focus on the future. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery and that is why today is called the present.

Vector Corrector 2017-49

Former basketball Coach John Wooden said, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.


Vector Corrector 2017-50

C. S. Lewis wrote, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Focus on those you serve and witness the new found value.


Vector Corrector 2017-51

LISTENING is a key to effective leadership. Introverts have an edge, since they listen quietly, whereas extroverts’ tendency is to be interrupt-aholics. Every leader needs to make the choice.


Vector Corrector 2017-52

As 2017 ends, be thankful and let your family and your employees know you value them and appreciate their part of the blessings of the year. LEADERSHIP IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE is thankful we can serve you!