What makes a leader?
18 Characteristics that everyone can develop

Dick Abel covers 18 characteristics that develop great leaders. Leaders are to be selfless, compassionate, highly principled, and consistent. These ideas can be expanded into practical characteristics to apply at work and home. The seminar, as well as his books, The DNA of Leadership and Vector Corrector: Is Your Character on Autopilot? will show you how to sharpen these leadership characteristics and apply them to your personal style. A few of the characteristics Dick Abel will cover are:

  • Integrity: Absolute wholeness, truthfulness, without imperfection, trustworthy
  • Courage: Recognize the danger or criticisms and proceed without fear
  • Example: A pattern or model; something imitated
  • Communication: Imparting or exchanging thoughts, opinions, etc.
  • Teamwork: Cooperative effort on the part of a group
  • Decisiveness: Picking the right course of action from reliable sources in a timely manner
  • Sensitivity: Responsive to the feelings of others