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“This material is a call to action!” –Tim Tassopoulos | President | Chick-fil-a

“There is a critical need for strong leadership in our country. General Dick Abel presents the essentials in this book (The DNA of Leadership), which I highly recommend to all who seek success as leaders in their home and business.”

“General Dick Abel is a great man of prayer and a teacher of God’s Word…He has risen to the top in serving the U.S. Air Force. His love and compassion follow him in every area of life. This book demonstrates his principles of leadership.”

“Dick brings a great deal of experience and credulity to the table as he discusses leadership. His military background and his years of running the FCA enable him to observe very clearly what works and what doesn’t in leading others.”

The DNA of Leadership is an excellent reflection of a lifetime of ‘lessons learned’ from a true leader. Dick Abel is a role model for his insight that ‘leadership is all about people.’ Dick has been a consistent example of servant leadership in multiple roles over many years.”

“This is a must read for people in positions of leadership.” –William “Fox” Fallon | Admiral | U.S. Navy

Whether you are an established or emerging leader as an elected official, in business, education, the military or a faith-based organization, strong leadership is necessary in all facets of life.

Even if you’re not officially serving in a position of leadership, you will benefit from developing leadership qualities which will help you in every aspect of life. Leadership is comprised of many different characteristics, which act like building blocks similar to the DNA that makes up every person. General Dick Abel provides an examination of 18 characteristics that develop great leaders. Through his books, The DNA of Leadership and Vector Corrector: Is Your Character on Autopilot?, and his interactive seminar, “Leadership is ALL About People”, Dick leads people through these characteristics to bring fresh insight and practical methods of success. The newest book, Vector Corrector, provides short “gems” to help keep our character on course.

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